Glad you are here. This site is about creative, yet legal, ways of investing retirement money in real estate.

The amount of information available for people looking for alternative investment opportunities is insurmountable. This blog is set up to disseminate some of the information about 401k rollover and IRA investing as it pertains to the ability to purchase real estate, either for personal or commercial use. There are many sources of information on this topic but the information readily available is often false or narrowly focused and does not explore the whole issue. Specifically this site will discuss and offer resources for those wanting to buy real estate using either 401k or IRA monies and be able to enjoy thier purchase immediately.

February 20, 2007

RealEstateJournal | Using Retirement Money Now On a Vacation Home Can Pay Off

While I was browsing the internet I came across this great article. The writer details his thought process as he chose to use retirement funds to purchase his second home, before he retired. By using his funds outside of his IRA, he is able to enjoy his vacation home while his family is young and energetic. Read his inspiring story here.

RealEstateJournal | Using Retirement Money Now On a Vacation Home Can Pay Off

January 18, 2007

Retirement Plans Need Exit Strategy

Retirement Plans Need Exit Strategy

The word is getting out and we could not be more excited. Read the most recent press release about our product. This press release was distributed this week to thousands of media outlets. The phone has been ringing off the hook, catch us now before we are over extended.

- Terry

January 03, 2007

The word is starting to spread.

Grace Lichtenstein, a former New York Times reporter blogs about our program.

December 06, 2006

So what is this about?

Sum Total Financial Management is announcing a program that allows for property ownership “outside” of an IRA while using funds from an IRA to pay for it. This program complies with all legislative and IRA/Tax laws. Unbeknownst to many, it is possible to own a home using monies from an IRA to pay for it while avoiding early withdrawal penalties.

When property is purchased “inside” the IRA it cannot be enjoyed or occupied by the investor. Second home buyers want to enjoy their investment, even if it is only on a part time basis. With Sum Total Financial Management’s new program, the investor can occupy the home, rent the home or use it for both, a vacation home and a money making rental property. An IRA can pay for, or assist in purchasing property. Not all IRA/real estate programs can offer the owner the ability to occupy to the property.

Terry Treudt, of Sum Total Financial Management, has been helping investors nationwide use retirement funds to legally and safely buy real estate, even before retirement. Sum Total Financial has done the research and can help navigate the legislative requirements and the IRA tax laws that can encumber many investors.